XLD Soft Starter (Legacy Product)

AC Supply Voltage
200 - 600 Vac

HP Ratings

10 to 1125 HP

Amp Ratings
39 to 1250 Amps

Overload Rating
500% for 60 sec (1.15 SF)


Acceleration Adjustments

Ramp types Voltage ramp or current ramp Starting torque 0 - 100% of line voltage or 0 - 600% of FLA Ramp time 1 to 120 seconds Current limit 200 - 600%

Retentive Thermal Memory

Remembers the thermal condition of the motor even in the event of a power brown-out or black-out. Extrapolates motor temperature using a real-time clock.

Dual Ramp Settings*

Four (4) programmable ramp options

Dynamic Reset Capacity

Overload will not reset until thermal capacity in the motor is sufficient for a successful restart. Starter learns and retains this information from previous starts.

Deceleration Adjustments

Begin decel level 0 - 100% of line voltage

Stop level 0 to 1% less than begin decel

Decel time 0 - 60 seconds

Operation during overload Ramp down or coast-to-stop

Jog Settings*

Jog at set current 100 - 500% of FLA

Jog at set voltage 0 - 100% of line voltage

Voltage jog max time 0 - 20 seconds

Phase Current Imbalance/Loss Protection

Imbalance trip level 5 - 30% current between any two phases

Imbalance trip delay 0 - 20 seconds

Phase loss Trips on any phase current loss

Electronic Shear Pin Protection

Shear pin trip level 50 - 300% of motor FLA

Shear pin trip delay 0 - 20 seconds


Kick Start Settings

Kick start 0 - 100% of line voltage

Kick start time 0.1 - 2 seconds

Programmable Output Relays

Three (3) relays can be individually programmed for change of state indication for any one of 18 conditions.

Type / Rating FORM C (SPDT), rated 5 amps, 240VAC max (1200VA)

Load Loss Trip Protection

Under current trip level 10 - 90% of motor FLA

Under current trip delay 0 - 20 seconds

Coast Down (Back Spin) Lockout Timer

Coast down time 0 - 60 minutes

Start & Run Protection

Two programmable overload trip curves allow for the thermal capacity required to start the load while providing motor overload protection needed during the run time.

Start: Programmable for Class 5 - 30

Run: Programmable for Class 5 - 30, enabled when starter detects motor is "At-Speed"

Reset: Manual or automatic, selectable via programming

The XLD Series recognizes motor cool-down rates are a function of the run time and that sometimes a motor will cool faster if allowed to run.

Real-Time Thermal Modeling

Continuously calculates motor operating temperature even when your motor isn’t running. Knows when your motor is cool enough for a successful restart

Starts-per-Hour Lockout Timer

Starts-per-hour 1 - 10 successful starts per hour

Time between starts 0 - 60 min. between start attempts

Phase Rotation Phase sequence insensitive

Shorted Load

During start, injects voltage for ? second and will trip if it sees a current surge

Short Circuit Trips in 12.5 ms at 10x unit current rating during run

Shorted SCR

Trips on a voltage drop of less than 1? V across any SCR pair

Shunt Trip

Relay trips on current flow while in the OFF mode (multiple shorted SCRs)

Over Temperature

Thermal sensors on heat sinks trip when temperature exceeds 185° F