Clamp-On UltrasonicXonic 10L


+ Single/Dual Path or Dual Channel

+ Accuracy ±0.5% ~ 1.0%

+ New Excellent Product from Korea



What is Xonic 10?
Xonic 10L Very compact and cheap but all performence is same with Xonic 100L model as measure transit-time of flow and use DSP (digital signal processing) technology to analyze ultrasonic signals. 

This DSP technology can remove any noise from pipe and electronics. Also, Xonic 10L use Cross Correlation and FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) technology to make very clean ultrasonic signals. with Auto Installation function.

Measuring pipe is from 15 ~ 6,000 mm for Clamp-On and 80 ~ 6,000 for Instertion applications. It’s velocity range is 0.02 ~ 12 m/sec.

Xonic 10L can measure very slow flow, so very suitable for block flow (leak) monitoring system. Also, it has two 4-20mA inputs, so user can use the input to receive pressure ,level and temperature data without PLC.

Why use Xonic 10?

Clamp-On Technology make installation very simple. User just attach clamp-on transducers on pipes or insertion with hottap valve transducers drill to pipe. Do not need stop water supply for installation and after service.

Xonic10L can work with many kinds of pipe, such as: Steel, Stainless (SUS), Ductile Iron, Copper, A/C, PVC, PE, PB, FRP or others if know sound velocity. Turn-down ratio of Xonic10L is more than 1000 :1. Xonic 10L is the best flowmeter to check minimum flow during mid-night. The Flow in mid-night is down to 1 m3/ hr for 100mm pipe and Xonic 10L can keep the accuracy.

Xonic 10L use Cross Correlation technology. The technology is able to remove most noises outside the pipe. Also, Xonic 10L can measure liquids contain heavy air and slurry.

Xonic 10L has large color graphic LCD. It allows user to read the flow, total, analog input data (pressure, level, etc) and the ultrasonic signal diagrem. So user can check how flowmeter works in field without oscilloscope as diagnostic functions.

Xonic 10L is dual beam or dual path is basic model. User can use as single channel flowmeter with one pair transducers, and dual channel or dual path flowmeters with two pair transducers.