Trading Fields


  • Official distributor of Electrical equipment and Medium voltage soft starter MOTORTRONICS - USA in Vietnam;

  • Producing and supplying  equipment; technology; industrial software; integration system and technical- science services in the field of Electrical - Automation - Industry; programming control system, management and monitoring of SCADA, DCS:

    • Providing and integrating controlling transmission system and industrial automation: MOTORTRONICS inverter (medium and low voltage), MOTORTRONICS soft starter (medium and low voltage), ABB  electrical equipment, Siemens (medium and low voltage), PLC, HMI screens, industrial computers, protecting motor relay, digital controller (DC), motors (medium voltage), engine enclosed gear box, gear box, ...;

    • Providing network station equipment, transmission and power distribution systems; Design, manufacture and installation of medium voltage 7.2kV circuit breaker cabinets, control circuit breaker 35 kV measuring cabinets and protection of transformers 35-22 / 6-0.69-0.4kV; Programming SCADA control systems, management and monitoring of power stations, ...

    • Production and assembly of all types’ electrical cabinets, cable tray and electrical accessories installation.

    • Production of industrial rollers;

    • Supplying industrial pumps, pump systems enclosed medium voltage motors;

    • Solutions for industrial technology;

    • Building technology, building management smart - BMS;

    • Scientific and technical services: Consulting, installing substations, transmission systems and distribution of electric power up to 220kV; Checking, restoration, repair, maintenance and upgrading of equipment, automated production line systems in industrial plants.

    • Provide Measurement Equipment - Calibration - Analysis, Education - Training equipment, Analyzing petrochemical equipment, ...